Taka Nissa PTE. Ltd. is one of the most experienced
and established Licensed Motor Vehicle dealers in Japan.
Since the last twelve years, we have secured our name among
the most reliable and well known car exporters in the

Japan is a lucrative market for buying used vehicles
because of low price, quality and versatility of available
vehicles. Taka Nissa PTE. Ltd. is a member of and represented
at all leading auction yards. We only buy quality vehicles that
undergo strict inspection to make sure they meet the
highest standards.

We export vehicles to over twenty countries, including:
New Zealand, Australia, UK, Cyprus, Malta, Jamaica, Ireland,
UAE, Chile, Africa, Pakistan, Sri lanka, Bangladesh, India,
Peru, Russia, Fiji, Barbados, Dominica, Mauritius etc.

We can provide almost any kind of vehicle that you are
looking for. Sedan, sports cars, commercial vehicles,
Japanese as well as American and European make.

We can provide both right hand and left hand drive vehicles.
Ordering is extremely easy. You can obtain a quote online
by using our email or you can contact us
through phone or fax. We offer you the best rates and we
take the hassle out of ordering. We take care of all the
details for you, including shipping and documentation.

Our rates are the most competitive in the market and our
quality is the best. Please take some time to browse
around our web site to see a Price of our offering and do
not forget to contact us for more details.

Taka Nissa PTE. Ltd. is a member of the following organizations:

* TAA Toyota Auto Auction
* NAA Nissan Auto Auction
* IMA Isuzu Motor Auction
* SUAA Subaru Used Car Auto Auction in Kanagawa
* CHIBA chuhan Auto Auction in Chiba
* USS Japan Auto Auction
* JAA Japan Auto Auction In Tokyo
* BCN Auto Auction In Saitama
* CAA Chuubu Auto Auction
* ALL Tender Auction
* The Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Chiba.

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